ARTLIFE FEST - an international interactive festival of contemporary art.
To create banners for targeted advertising in accordance with the corporate style of the festival. Banners should not only attract attention, but also convey the basic information about the event to the target audience.
For the most effective achievement of the set goals, a team of targetologists, designers and project managers worked on the project. We have developed banners that are fully consistent with the corporate identity of the festival and attract the attention of potential customers. The contrast of blue and red colors that is used in banners and attracts attention, as well as the use of images and symbols that refer to the visual arts, should encourage potential visitors to see the presented works of art live, as well as sign up for workshops held as part of the festival.
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The produced Artfest festival banners are often displayed as targeted advertising on social networks, such as Instagram, which helped to attract new visitors to the festival, and a single memorable style in which the banners were made allowed to increase recognition among the potential audience.
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