RUAM - a catalogue of Russian-language services around the world.
Development of a viral advertising video "on the verge of provocation" for the RUAM search service for Russian-language services abroad. The video's goal is to provoke a wave of user feedback.
To create a wave of user feedback and make the RUAM brand as recognizable as possible from the first seconds on.
A creative script was written for the video, the location and actors were selected, post-production was performed. The key link in the video was the popular video blogger and hip-hop artist Pasha Technik, widely known for his defiant behavior on the Internet.
Pasha Technik, as a bright underground figure, evokes conflicting feelings among listeners. A harsh and merciless rapper, but a kind man and a deep creative personality, he has changed the "language of the streets".
A few hours after publication, the video appeared in the popular public pages on social networks and news portals. The video received a large number of reposts and positive comments. Pasha Technik himself shared the video on his personal Instagram profile, which gave the advertising campaign additional free coverage, and also attracted the attention of a younger audience, since Technik's fans, for the most part, are people under 30 years old.
more than 210 thousand views per month
Thanks to a successful viral video, RUAM service increased brand awareness and attracted free traffic to its resources. The service also released limited t-shirts, one of which was worn by the main character in the video, which gave an additional source of income and recognition.

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